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A gripping and inspirational true story of a survivor of the Cambodian Genocide, who finds redemption.

Cambodian, 1968.

Rindy Nong is a young boy of the jungle, but he is hunted. Due to his parents divorce, he falls between the cracks. Shuffled around and forgotten, he finds himself at the ruthless mercy of Buddhist monks. Safety is ever exceeding his grasp.

When a shadowy organization known as “Angkar” emerges as the “saviors” of Cambodia, he is thrust into a radical political takeover, which ravages his country. As hopelessness tightens its claws around his neck, Rindy’s desire to live and his remarkable ability to survive, wavers. In the wreckage, he hears of a God who is rumored to be alive and of a Savior who wants to take his pain instead of inflicting it. If he finds this Savior, will he cease to be prey? Will he be too broken to truly live?

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