About Me

I write because it's how I understand the world, myself and discover the truth that runs like a thread throughout it all.

Hello there and welcome to my tiny space in the world-wide web!

I love words. I always have and usually use too many all at once. This love of words led me to pursue a degree in Creative Writing and English through SNHU. Being able to capture the color, texture and poetry of the world is my preoccupation. This writing thing has led me to be published in a handful of magazines, newspapers and, most recently, a novella in a Christmas Anothology. 

My real passion though, is telling stories that the world needs to hear, being rooted in actual events and based on real people's lives. My debut novel is based on the first hand account of a Cambodian genocide survivor, who endured the unimaginable to find redemption. I had the great pleasure of spending three months in Cambodia on a missions trip prior to writing it, where I became captivated by the culture as well as broken over its past.

When I'm not writing (which to be honest is most of the time), I'm enjoying life with my husband and our three small children on our farm in central Kentucky. I'm a native Montanan, homeschool mom, a gardener, a pickle enthusiast, and a lover of deep conversations. Woven between the lines of my messy life, is the constant love of Jesus, who breathes purpose and truth into the otherwise mundane. If you're interested in learning more about my writing, my book or my life, you're welcome to peruse my blog

Thank you ever so much for stopping by! Goodbye for now!